September 24, 2023

new video uploaded: Biden greets the Israeli President on the White Home



Biden greets the Israeli President on the White Home

President Biden acquired Israeli President Isaac Herzog on the White Home amid tensions between america and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I might be addressing a joint session of Congress devoted particularly to the commemoration of the seventy fifth anniversary of Israel’s independence. Nevertheless, after all, my coronary heart and soul can also be in Israel. Within the heated debate that we’re experiencing as a society, it’s a heated debate, however it’s also a dignity and a tribute to the greatness of Israeli democracy. And let me reiterate that Israeli democracy is wholesome, robust and resilient. We undergo ache. We’re in a heated debate. We’re going via tough instances. However I sincerely, sincerely imagine and say to you, Mr. President, as I stated, as the pinnacle of state in direction of the individuals of Israel, we must always at all times attempt to achieve a pleasant consensus. And I agree with you on this as properly. I attempt for this even in these very moments for my individuals, so far as doable, to seek out options and get out of this disaster in the proper manner. Thanks, Mr. President, to your friendship. And God bless you.

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